You Got A Mail From Do Not Reply

Like a lot of people, I receive weekly or monthly opt-in emails from vendors but I’m always surprisedmailboxes it’s from not working address “do-not-reply”. Not very engaging.

If you’re sending emails, people look to sender name, and a more friendly “From” would be appreciated. Furthermore, even if the mail contains links, the customer get it in his mail reader. A tool where he’s used to send mail and to respond to mail. Think of a salesman that, after a successul demonstration, would tell you : “Nah, I won’t take your order, please call this number instead”. As those mails are sent to people that suscribed (the company is not doing old fashionned spam bulk emailing), the customer is more likely to have an interest in their product and thus to respond.

To have a more direct human to human like relation - is it possible even if you’re using email robot - it could be better to :

  • create friendly emails (i.e. do not let the email admin without hints)
  • for people that respond (there are some), have an auto responder robot that could help/redirect people according what they replied (looking for keywords “buy”, “unsubscribe”, “help”, “whatever”). Maybe a program using a bayesian filter ?

Picture by pacdog

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