Translation Of Some Typical French It Words

I’m working on a project for deploying J2EE and PHP applications and it requires communication with customers in both english and french. This work is part of a traditional IT documentation but I had some trouble translating certain expressions especially those inspired from Public buildings and works sector (they’re typical to France) so I’m going to list them in this post, so other people can use them or suggest better translations.

</table> ------- Picture by [mahithaca](
Environment or stageEnvironnement
Quality assurance (QA)Test
User acceptance, sometimes UAT for User Acceptence TestingRecette
Production / LiveProduction
OnliningDéploiement en production
Product owner or contracting ownerMOA for Maîtrise d’ouvrage
Project management or project ownerMOE for Maîtrise d’oeuvre
Production execution or implementation teamMEO for Mise en oeuvre
Scope statement or SpecificationCahier des charges
Steering CommitteeComite de pilotage (CoPil)
Works councilComité d’entreprise

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